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The Small Fragment LCP™ System features: Plates with combination locking and compression holes (Combi holes) Ability to create a fixed-angle construct utilizing familiar AO plating techniques. Screws with conical screwhead and large core diameter. Get in Touch with a Sales Consultant.the skin at the proximal end of the ruler. Move the image intensifi er to the distal femur. Verify frac-ture reduction. Align the proximal end of the radiographic ruler to the skin mark, and take an AP image of the distal femur. Read nail length directly from the ruler image, selecting the measurement at or just proximal to the epiphysealThe 8mm T2 Tibial Nail can only be locked distally with 4mm Fully Threaded screws. As with all diameters of T2 Tibial Nails, the proximal screws are 5mm. One common Compression Screw to close the fracture site, and End Caps in eight sizes are available to provide an improved fit for every indication. All implants in the T2 Tibial NailingThe DePuy Synthes VA-LCP PPFx Proximal Femur Plating System 3.5/4.5/5.0 is con - traindicated for independent fixation if the hip stem requires immediate revision. The DePuy Synthes VA-LCP PPFx Proximal Femur Hook Plate 3.5/4.5/5.0 with 5 holes (shortest plate) is contraindicated for diaphyseal periprosthetic femoralDESCRIPTION. The Titanium Cannulated Tibial Nail-Ex offers a variety of proximal and distal locking options for tibial fractures, allowing the surgeon to tailor fixation to the fracture pattern. The system has a universal design, allowing use on the left or right tibia. Product Specifications. How to Use This Product.<p>Incomplete set with tray. As is. No returns </p><br /><p>The sale of this item may be subject to regulation by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and state and local regulatory agencies. If so, do not bid on this item unless you are an authorized purchaser. If the item is subject to FDA regulation, I will verify your status as an authorized purchaser of this item before shipping of the ...Synthes 1 LCP Medial Proximal Tibia Plates 3.5 28 LCP Medial Proximal Tibia Plates 4.5/5.0 29 TomoFix Plates 30 LCP Metaphyseal Plates 3.5/4.5/5.0 for distal medial tibia 31 LCP Distal Tibia Plates 2.7/3.5 32 LCP Medial Distal Tibia Plates 3.5, without tab 32 LCP Anterolateral Distal Tibia Plates 3.5 33 LCP Pilon Plates 2.7/3.5 33 Foot ...INVENTORY CONTROL FORM 3.5 mm LCP Distal Tibia T-Plate Implants (cont’d) Instruments 4.0 mm Cancellous Bone Screws, fully threaded LENGTH LENGTH 206.010 10 mm 206.012 12 mm 206.014 14 mm 206.016 16 mm 206.018 18 mm 206.020 20 mm 206.022 22 mm 206.024 24 mm 206.026 26 mm 206.028 28 mm 206.030 30 mm 206.032 32 mm 206.035 35 mm 206.036 36 mm 206 ...Easy plate insertion Compression of the lateral hinge TomoFix technique allows pretension- ng of the plate using cortex screw and TomoFix Knee Osteotomy System TomoFix Tibial Head Plate medial, proximal wedge high tibial - Increased plate strength preload technique stable bridging small stature versions TomoFix Tibial Head Plate lateral, proximal wedge osteotomies stable fixation - Available ...Proximal Femur Plate - 119 mm to 388 mm; Proximal Femur Hook Plate - 217 mm to 354 mm 4.5 mm Curved Broad LCP Plates (299 mm to 336 mm) Width in Shaft Portion 18.15 mm 4.5 mm Curved Broad LCP Plates (17.5 mm) Screw Options 3.5mm Cortex, 3.5mm VA Locking, 4.5mm Cortex, 5.0mm VA Locking, 5.0 VA Locking Periprosthetic ScrewsSynthes-4.5mm-Proximal-Tibia-Plate-Set Synthes-4.5mm-Proximal-Tibia-Plate-Set Please Submit the ... Inventory. Warranty. All For warranty information please visit our FAQ page. Related Products 532.022 Synthes K-Wire Coupling. $50.00 Shop Now > 05.001.204 ...The Tibial Nail System features the following: Most distal, locked screw cluster on the market: Three distal screws at 5 mm, 13 mm, and 21 mm from the end of the nail Three proximal screw options, including a dynamic slot for compression or static positioning Threaded screw holes to maintain screw position in the 2 proximal static holes and the ...Synthes VA Ankle Trauma is used for ankle fixation in adults and children (12-21) whose growth plates have united, especially in osteopenic bone. The plates are a component of the DePuy Synthes Variable Angle Locking Compression (VA LCP) System, which combines traditional plating methods with technology for variable angle locking screws. The plates are in stainless steel and have an ...28 patients which sustained a proximal tibia fracture (AO type 41-B/C) were included in our study. The patients were randomized into two groups and either received a VA-LCP® (Variable Angle Locking Compression Plate) system or a NCB-PT® (Non-Contact Bridging for Proximal Tibia) system for fracture treatment.Complete the preoperative radiographic assessment and prepare the preoperative plan. Determine plate length and Position the patient supine on a radiolucent operating table. 3.5 mm LCP Low Bend Medial Distal Tibia Plates set 01.1 12.062 Tray for LCP Medial Distal Tibial Plate 3.5, low bend (TAN), for Vario Case, without Lid, with Contents 01.1 12.063 …2 DePuy Synthes LCP Proximale Tibiaplatte 3.5 Operationstechnik Die LCP Proximale Tibiaplatte 3.5 gehört zum Synthes LCP System für Kleinfragmente, das eine Kombination von Verrie-gelungsschrauben mit herkömmlichen Schrauben erlaubt. Die LCP Proximale Tibiaplatte 3.5 hat ein Profil mit begrenz-ter Kontaktfläche.Large Fragment LCP® Instrument and Implant Set - synthes.vo.llnwd.netInventory Control Form 2.7 mm/3.5 mm LCP Distal Fibula Plate System Some devices in this form may not have been licensed in accordance with Canadian law and may not be for sale in Canada. Please contact your sales consultant for items approved for sale in Canada. DISTFIBICF001 05/22 2 Length 206.028 28 mm 206.030 30 mm 206.035206.014 35 mmPlaca TomoFix para tibia proximal medial (MHT) PLACAS VA-LCP® DE ARTRODESIS PARA LA COLUMNA MEDIAL 3,5 PLACAS VA DE BLOQUEO PARA CALCÁNEO 2,7 Sistema para tobillo VA LCP Trauma 2,7/3,5 Placa VA LCP para clavícula anterior Placa VA LCP condílea 4,5/5,0 Placas VA LCP para húmero distal 2,7/3,5 Placas VA LCP para olécranon 2,7/3,5DePuy Synthes offers a full portfolio of complementary plating systems for clavicle fractures and AC joint injuries. In addition to the VA LCP™ Clavicle Hook Plate 2.7 system described in this surgical technique guide, DePuy Synthes offers the VA LCP Clavicle Plate 2.7 t system and the VA LCP Anterior Clavicle Plates 2.7/3.5.The screw heads are always flush with plate surface within 30 degrees of screw trajectory variance to help reduce risk of soft tissue irritation. 3 The VA LCP Two-Column Distal Radius Plates are the best-selling radius plates of DePuy Synthes. The remaining 20% of cases may require the use of alternate implants depending on the complexity.Véase la técnica quirúrgica de Synthes para placas LCP (046.000.019) Con instrumental LISS − Fémur distal: Véase la técnica quirúrgica de Synthes correspondiente al sistema LISS para fémur distal (046.000.235) - Tibia lateral proximal: Véase la técnica quirúrgica de Synthes correspondiente al sistema LISS para tibia lateralMar 18, 2021 · Background: The aim of this study was to evaluate the clinical and/or radiologic outcome using different polyaxial locking plates for the treatment of proximal tibia fractures, the Non-Contact-Briding plate (NCB-PT®) by Zimmer or the Variable Angle Locking Compression Plate (VA-LCP®) by Synthes.In February, active inventory rose 68% above a year ago; Austin, Las Vegas and San Antonio are first markets to recover pandemic inventory shortag... In February, active inventory ...Apply the insertion handle to the medial side of the tibia for nail insertion and proximal locking. Tighten the whole assembly with the 11.0 mm Combination Wrench (321.160). Check that the assembly is stable but not overtightened. Screw the In-serter/Extractor for UTN/CTN (D) (356.490) onto the connect -ing screw.Inventory Control Form TN-ADVANCED™ Tibial Nailing System Implants Date: Hospital: Surgeon: Procedure: Case Information (eg, Case ID): TN-ADVANCED™ Tibial Nailing System Ø 8 mm, Sterile Right Part # Length (mm) 04.043.005S 255 mm 04.043.010S 270 mm 04.043.015S 285 mm 04.043.020S 300 mm 04.043.025S 315 mm 04.043.030S 330 mm 04.043.035S 345 mmSynthes 9 5 Schraubenlänge bestimmen Durchbohrte Schraube 3.0/3.5/4.0 Den Messstab für durchbohrte Schrauben bis zur Kortikalis vor-schieben. Die passende Schraubenlänge direkt am Messstab ablesen. Durchbohrte Schraube 4.5/6.5/7.0/7.3 Die Gewebeschutzhülse einbringen und den Messstab über den Führungsdraht bis zum Knochen vorschieben. DieThe 3.5 mm LCP proximal tibia plates are indicated for fractures of the proximal tibia, including comminuted, depression, bicondylar combination of lateral wedge and depression, periprosthetic, and fractures associated with shaft fractures. In addition to the existing plate, a version with a lower proximal bend has been developed to provide more options to match the different anatomies of the ...Intramedullary nailing is becoming increasingly popular for proximal and especially distal tibial fracture fixation. However, expanding the nailing indications toward metaphyseal tibial fractures results in the challenge to fix short bone fragments with adequate stability. The new TN-Advanced (TN-A) Tibial Nailing System was specifically designed to address these issues. The new nail has ...TN-ADVANCED™ Tibial Nailing System. Product Codes: 03.043.002, 03.043.003, 03.043.004... View More. PRODUCT CODES. DESCRIPTION. The TN-ADVANCED™ Tibial Nailing System (TNA) is an intramedullary nailing system for tibia fractures. This fixation system features design improvements to address previously unmet challenges …AA Medical Store improves healthcare around the world by supplying refurbished state-of the-art surgical devices at the best price, with the best warranty, and unmatched service and support.Inventory Control Form. 3.5 mm VA-LCP Proximal Tibia Plate System. Patient Information: Synthes (USA) To Order: (800) 523-0322. Synthes (Canada) Ltd. To Order: (800) 668-1119. Date: Hospital: Surgeon: Procedure: Implants. 3.5 mm VA-LCP Proximal Tibia Plates, Small Bend 3.5 mm VA-LCP Proximal Tibia Plates, Large Bend.Page 43 The Expert Tibial Nail allows for a maximum compression of 7 mm. If more compression of the fracture gap is needed, the conventional backstroke technique is recommended. Page 44 Advance the compression screw until the fracture gap is re- duced. Monitor reduction under image intensification.Variable Angle LCP™ Elbow System. Product Codes: 02.107.002, 02.107.002S, 02.107.102... View More. PRODUCT CODES. DESCRIPTION. The Variable Angle LCP™ Elbow System utilizes the variable angle locking technology platform that is based on a common approach to implant design and instrumentation, reducing complexity and …TomoFix Medial High Tibial Plate (MHT) VA-LCP® MEDIAL COLUMN FUSION PLATES 3.5 VA LOCKING CALCANEAL PLATES 2.7 VA-LCP Ankle Trauma System 2.7/3.5 VA-LCP Anterior Clavicle Plate VA-LCP Condylar Plate 4.5/5.0 VA-LCP Distal Humerus Plates 2.7/3.5 VA-LCP Olecranon Plates 2.7/3.5 VA-LCP Proximal Tibial Plate 3.54 Surgical Technique • VA LCP™ Anterior Clavicle Plate 1 Müller ME, Allgöwer M, Schneider R, Willenegger H. Manual of Internal Fixation. 3 rd ed. Berlin, Heidelberg New York: Springer 1991. 2 Buckley RE, Moran CG, Apivatthakakul T. AO Principles of Fracture Management: 3 rd ed. Vol. 1: Principles, Vol. 2: Specific fractures.Fill Synthes Va Ankle Inventory, Edit online. Sign, fax and printable from PC, iPad, tablet or mobile with pdfFiller Instantly. ... To Order 800 668-1119 Date Hospital Surgeon Procedure Implants LCP Medial Distal Tibia Plates LCP Anterolateral Distal Tibia Plates 02. 118. 002 4 holes right 02. 118. 008 10 holes right 02. 118. 210 12 holes right ...Inventory Control Form. 3.5 mm VA-LCP Proximal Tibia Plate System. Patient Information: Synthes (USA) To Order: (800) 523-0322. Synthes (Canada) Ltd. To Order: (800) 668-1119. Date: Hospital: Surgeon: Procedure: Implants. 3.5 mm VA-LCP Proximal Tibia Plates, Small Bend 3.5 mm VA-LCP Proximal Tibia Plates, Large Bend.The new Variable Angle LCP Ankle Trauma 2.7/3.5 system was developed to overcome these shortcomings. The low-profile plates feature variable angle locking …PREDICATE DEVICE: Synthes (USA) 3.5 / 4.5mim LCP9) Medial Proximal Tibia Plates DEVICE DESCRIPTION: The Synthes (USA) 3.5 / 4.5 mm LCP® Medial Proximal Tibia Plates are contoured to match the anatomy of the medial proximal tibia with a limited contact low profile design. The plates are designed for either the right or left medial proximal ...DIAMETER LENGTH. 03.113.024 2.8 mm 250 mm, 95 mm calibration. 3.5 mm Variable Angle Locking Screws, Self-Tapping, T15 Stardrive. LENGTH LENGTH.O classification 33A and 33C distal femoral fractures were included in the study. Intervention: Internal fixation using only the DePuy-Synthes VA-LCP plate. Main Outcome Measurements: Primary outcomes included mechanical failure rate of the DePuy-Synthes VA-LCP plate in open and closed fractures. Secondary outcomes included overall failure rate of treatment, risk factors for mechanical failure ...Synthes 11 Instruments for the insertion of LISS Insertion Guide left (324.003) Insertion Guide right, not illustrated (324.004) Pin Wrench (321.170) Fixation Bolt (324.043) …2 Surgical Technique • VA LCP™ Ankle Trauma System 2.7/3.5 • 2.7 mm variable angle locking screws • Distribution of screws across the pilon (as shown in figure 1) • Plates with rounded edges • Anatomically contoured • Low screwhead prominence Cross-sections of the VA LCP Anterolateral Distal Tibial Plate 2.7/3.5 (1) and...

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The new Variable Angle LCP Ankle Trauma 2.7/3.5 system was developed to overcome these shortcomings. The low-profile plates feature var...

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Inventory Control Form - Stainless Steel. View PDF. Inventory Control Form - Titanium. View PDF. Select all documents...

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2 DePuy Synthes 4.0 mm Cannulated Screws Surgical Technique 4.0 mm Cannulated Screws Cancellous thread profile Self-drilling,...

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In the Inventory you can check your character's items and capacity. In the Stand-Alone Client the Inventory is grouped with the Comba...

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